Magnetic Sponsoring Free Book

Magnetic Sponsoring Free Book

My First Marketing Purchase

Way back in 2009 I made one of my first marketing education purchases and it was Magnetic Sponsoring.  This was an industry standard of use for anyone in the multi level marketing or network marketing industry to grab and dive into to learn appropriate methods of building a team and attracting customers to your business.

This picture shows some of the monthly issues I have never thrown out which were full of content and training on best practices as part of the Inner Circle membership I had belonged to for a couple years before it evolved into what is now called Elite Marketing Pro (of which I still belong and continually learn from and apply strategies into my business with)

Right now you can get a FREE copy (just pay a small shipping/handling fee) of the improved and revised edition that master marketer Mike Dillard has recently updated of Magnetic Sponsoring.

Depending on when you see the offer you might also qualify for some nice bonuses that are being offered which will complement your learning while you wait for the book to arrive.

Grab your FREE Magnetic Sponsoring Book by clicking Here now!

Mike Dillard has been a leader in the industry for many years and has continued to evolve in what he is focused on though he continues to come back to the roots of what works in business to build a customer and client base of raving fans that hunt you out, compared to you being some sort of pushy biz op seeker and someone who hassles your friends, family and co-workers.

There are right and wrong ways, good and bad ways to recruit and sponsor people and Magnetic Sponsoring provides some of the best ways to do this. It is a book I have read a few times over the years (in addition to listening to many of Mike Dillard's many other training's) and I am also excited to get my free copy delivered soon too as I ordered myself up one as well.  I often will pull the original edition out every couple years and refresh my strategies and also revise some I have been using with some new gem that pops out when I re-read the book.

If you have not yet read Magnetic Sponsoring, this is a great time to do so as businesses continue to expand and social media makes it even easier to get your content out the masses.  The question though is whether you are doing it correctly and still bugging all of your friends, family and co-workers with continuous posts about nothing except your pills, creams and opportunities.

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