How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell

Day #2 of the Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp is enlightening and gets you into the correct mindset about why anyone would get ANYTHING from you, regardless of the topic.

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It all relates to building that leadership quality and showing that to your viewers to let them get to know you better.

Be A Business Team LeaderIn general…

…People do not care about your MLM, but do care about finding a solution to their problem.

Just like you do not buy a drill just to buy a drill, you buy it because you want to make a hole…

…you also do not join a company just because there is a company to join…It is the people you know, like and trust who are in the company that you want to associate with.

Get your prospects to sell themselves on your op where they see it as the solution to their problem.

As they say, people hate to be sold, but love to buy, you want them to take the lead here and make it seems like it is their own decision to contact you or grab your products due to a need in their business.

Your goal is to Position yourself as a leader willing to give your guidance…

…You are seen as an expert willing to help and not just someone who is greedy and selfishly trying to make a sale!

Again…Position yourself as a leader…this is why your prospects join you!

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To becoming the hunted!

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