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Making Money Online? Your Blog Could Be The Answer

Making Money Online? Your Blog Could Be The Answer

Blogging has fast become more than a hobby for some people as people are now considering turning a blog into a full time job by monetizing their ramblings on many subjects online. Years ago, people weren’t too familiar with the blogging concept, but it has now swept the nation as more people are creating their own online spaces and using them as a creative outlet. But if you want to take the leap and turn your blog into a business how can you make money from it?

When it comes to your blog, are you doing all that you can to make the most out of it. A blog is something that many people have these days, and it can often be a great option to consider if you are looking to enhance a digital career and make it your full time job in the future. But, it might be that you haven’t thought of your blog in the position to make money, and you certainly may not be 100% sure of the money making options you have. This post will help you get your blog into shape and consider some of the options that you have. 

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Is your blog visible on search engine sites?

One of the first things that you may need to do is look at whether your blog is visible on search engine websites. If your blog has been running for some time, you might need to think about how you can improve old blog posts. It might be worth going back through old content, and looking at what keyword research you can do to help you when it comes to improving the results on search engines. Adding specific keywords and also optimizing your website can help you to increase the visibility of your blog, which will help you to get work on your blog as it will be a fantastic option for businesses and brands to work with. 

What are your goals and how can you ensure that you make then happen?

Another thing you might need to do is to think about what you want from your blog in the future. It is always worth taking some time to brainstorm ideas and goals and look at the options on how you can make those goals happen. Webistes like can be great ways to help you do this. Ensure that you think about where you want to be and try and not look at what other bloggers might be doing. This is your journey, and if you are wanting to make it your full time job then you need to passionate about the goals that you have and what you plan on doing to achieve them. 

Making money options you could consider

So now that your blog is up to scratch, what can you do to make money from it? There are actually a few different options that you can consider that could help you when it comes to making money from your blog. Here are some of the options that you can consider. 

Consider affiliate marketing

When you blog, you may find that you are promoting products and services that you use. Some people are sent things for review, but you may just be sharing your thoughts because you love the product so much. So why not make money from this? You may be wondering how you can do that.  Linking to the product through the way of an affiliate link can help. You need to be honest about including affiliate links online, as far as how it gives you a commission if someone clicks through that link and goes on to buy the item you were promoting. 

Working with brands on sponsored advertising campaigns

These days brands are seeing the power that online influencers like bloggers can have when it comes to advertising and promotion, so you may find that working with them in regards to sponsored content or campaigns could be an ideal way to monetize your blog. Sponsored content or campaigns are information that a brand wants to be promoted and subsequently pay for it to be promoted. It may be an article, a link to be included or even promoting their campaigns for raising awareness. 

Social media could be an earner

These days you might not even have a physical blog, just a popular social media platform with a good audience reach, and you will still be able to make some money from it. An image promoting a product, for example, on Instagram could be all the brand wants. So it may be worth making more of your platforms and trying to create your own brand from there. Thankfully there is a lot of information on how you can improve your social media along with your blog online. 

Advertising on your website

A quick and simple way to monetize your blog is to add clickable ads to it. It could be that you like the simplicity of a banner ad which sits at the bottom of your blog, or a square side ad which doesn’t interfere too much with your content. The ads are there, but you only get paid if someone clicks on to them and is directed to the advertising site. 

Becoming a brand ambassador 

Finally, if you really feel passionate about a brand or you have worked with them before, you may find that they may want you to become a brand ambassador for them. This normally means an agreement on posts and promotion, that could mean free products or monetary gain, depending on what sort of agreement you put in place. This can be a great long term option for you and your blog when it comes to more consistent money making opportunities. 

So there you have it, some of the ways you can get your blog into shape and also how you can make some money from it. Let’s hope that this has inspired you to make more from your blog hobby and turn it into a money maker and your full time job.

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