Marketing Mayhem MC Devon Brown Opening Orlando event

Marketing Mayhem MC Devon Brown Opening Orlando event

The boys at JV Zoo picked the right host for the Marketing Mayhem Event to get the party started and held strong through the full event.

Mr. Devon Brown was a kick ass host that had us up and moving from the beginning until the end three days later and not only did he do an awesome job of introducing each speaker, but also shared some wisdom along the way that can help anyone during their time at an event they are attending now or in the future.

Ideas that include but are not limited to:

  • Engagement with the leaders: Show them the love and they will give you all they can
  • Show up: Be there and respect peoples times and so you do not miss that “a ha” moment
  • Add value: see how you can help others or how you can help out someones life when you meet them
  • Have an accountabilibuddy: someone who you will hook up with and keep tabs on to help each other out in progress and moving forward
  • Maximize the human element: get pics and videos so people see you as you insert yourself into the sales process

Here is me inserting myself with Devon Brown…and as I said to him a few times…”Brothers Don’t shake hands…Brothers gotta hug” from the famous Tommy Boy Movie!

Devon Brown and Dave Gardner at Marketing Mayhem

If you plan on going to an event, make sure you are ready to absorb as much as you can handle.  Too often there may be people who get so overwhelmed with the superstars that are present that they do not think before they act around some of attendees.

Do not be afraid to approach people as they are all generous in their sharing of knowledge and will to help you out.  You might even start forming some life long friendships and possibly even partnerships if you connect with the right people, especially with those sitting in the crowd just like you.

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