Marketing with Anik climbs to #2 on clickbank

I just got notice from on of my online mentors Anik Singal that his newest online training course, Marketing with Anik just moved up to #2 on the clickbank sellers list. This in only about 10 days of sales. He also said that they have low gravity, which really means some lucky affiliates are really kicking it.

I do not seem to be one of them thus far and am a little curious about the whole deal. I mean, the guy is giving 15 weeks of coaching at a dirt cheap $37 and nothing more. On top of it he is giving away three of his best products for a total value of over $5000.  All for a low $37

  1. Lazy Tubester
  2. Clickbank overnight
  3. Affiliate Classroom

So for the hundreds of marketers who clicked on my link and did not pick this up, I am not sure what you are thinking.  Apparently your mindset is not correct. Perhaps you really do not want to improve yourself and learn from one of the most successful affiliates online.

If this many people have bought already, there must be something right about Anik Singal that you should check it out.  Remember, as a clickbank product it is fully guaranteed and you can get your money back after the first 4 weeks if you feel you are not going to learn anything from this mastermind.

So I want to remind everyone of the bonuses I am offering with the new Marketing with Anik course.  Do not worry if you missed the first session as it is already recorded and available to watch and re-watch at your leisure in the back office.

You have to use this link and see the affiliate code: ‘baresales” in order to qualify and send me a copy of your receipt to DaveGardner(at)TheDavidGardner[dot]com.

Marketing wih Anik bonus #1: I will mail you a copy of the Speedy Profit Creator DVD: 10 videos to help get your first product out to the market ($97 value)

Marketing with Anik bonus #2: I will provide lifetime text message and email coaching: Just send me a question and I’ll give you my best answer. ($Priceless!)

Marketing with Anik bonus #3: I will give you access to some killer MMR and PLR products that you can use and take to test out what you learn in the course.  You can even give some away for free when you start to build your own lists with information you learn in the 15 week course as an ethical bribe.   See some of the titles included:

  1. 350 Social Media Tactics
  2. One Month-1000 Members
  3. Keyword Domination
  4. Webinar Basics
  5. Facebook Marketing Secrets
  6. Legal Pages Generator
  7. The Article Wizard
  8. Understanding SEO
  9. Your First Sale Online
  10. Online Profit Streams

Marketing with Anik bonus #4: I will give your website an indepth look over and will provide you with some constructive critiques on how you can make it better and connect it all around the internet.

You will not find another Guru or marketers giving you this combination and quality of bonuses anywhere online.

SUPER MARKETING WITH ANIK BONUS: You must take at least one upgrade with Anik to qualify for this package:

  • I will send you a physical Copy of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript v.3.0 ($97 value)
  • I will send you a physical DVD of the Manuscript along with two of Mike Filsaimes best selling products, Viral Friend Generator and Powerlink Generator ($597 value)

Butterfly Marketing 3.0 by Mike Filsaime physical 155 page book shipped to your home

SUPER DUPER MARKETING WITH ANIK BONUS: Take all three upgrades and you get this from me as well as everything above:

  • I’ll pay for your one year membership to MeetCheap. ($120 value) This is a soon to be released Online conferenceing software that will allow you to have a 100 seat conference room for you to use with your business.  You can also use this to build a business as well and earn commissions…..OR You can choose the next one instead
  • I’ll pay for your one year membership to HostThenProfit ($120 value) This allows you to host up to 4 of your websites, have a small conference room, have an autoresponder and much more in addition to being able to use this to build a business and earn commissions.

So head on over and get your 15 week Marketing with Anik course now: Stop wasting time and start making progress


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