Mass Giveaway Events with Matt Bacak Lead to Profit before Launch

Mass Giveaway Events with Matt Bacak Lead to Profit before Launch

Well there has been a mass event in the making over the last couple days that officially begins at 11:00 am EST Today, January 1, 2014

My mastermind buddy Matt Bacak just had a birthday yesterday and has recruited over 2500 people to be JV (joint venture) partners for his Mass Giveaway.

I jumped at this and have already had sales to be in the profit as a contributor.

Everything else from this point on is major bonus for me and my business and it has not even launched yet.

Here are the main details:

1) It does not cost anything to join: That is why they are gifts!

2) You can start picking from over 400 gifts and if you upgrade for a one time low fee, you can get direct access to all of these without having to join every marketers mailing list.  I would highly recommend doing this to just be able to pick the products you want and not slam your inbox

3) You have a chance to become a contributor as well and can list your own productcs to help build your own list and make sales.

4) It goes live at 11:00 am EST Today, though it it might already be up and running:

Like I said, I am already in profit as I paid a $17 fee to upgrade my JV status and have made both a $17 sale and a $7 sale as well as having a few hundred impressions on my offers and a handful of leads to the various ads I have posted as a partner.

As 2014 begins and you have goals of becoming a better marketer on line, you will want to see what top products there are out there!

For one, I am giving out my “Riding with Gurus” book for nothing aongst some other software and tools to help your marketing.

All you have to do it head on over to the Mass Giveaway at 11:00 am EST and you will be ready to start picking the topics you need to complete those open spaces in your business.

Start your year out with some great products and the tools to help build your own list here:

A) Get the Mass Giveaway here:

B) Get the tools to help you grow and share what you learned in the products from the Mass Giveaway here:

Go make it happen, then come back and share your results with me here!

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