After an amazing mastermind weekend down with Mike Filsaime I am recharged and ready to make waves for the rest of 2013.

With almost 2.5 months done and over we still have plenty of time to make things happen by taking action on what is working now.

On Friday, I drove 5.5 hours to Long Island, NY and had a one on one session for an hour with Mike and found out some pretty cool information, though I am unable to share that with you just yet…Be patient though and you will know soon enough.

We talked about my upcoming launch for the Mastermind co-authored Book that we put together from some of the top minds in the online and business industry.

All will be up and coming over the next few weeks and I will fill you in a bit at a time when I know more and can release more without breaking my non-disclosure agreement.

After my one on one session many of us hung out over drinks and dinner at the hotel, both getting ot know each other on a deeper personal level as well as sharing ideas on what is working.

During our two day event on Saturday and Sunday it was 9am -6pm of non stop content, tips, strategies, constructive criticisms and much more.

I have just about filled another notebook with gems I will be pulling from over the next months.

On Saturday night, we continued sharing ideas and getting to know each other when many of us went out for Thai food and beers!

It is these deeper relationships that have the biggest impact on continued successes.

We are a big family!

We are there for each other!

We will give each other our all for the benefit of the group!

We will build someone up when they are at rock bottom!


I already can not wait until the next one in July, but in the meantime, we are in contact with each other on our listserve and Facebook…both where we can continue to help each other out.

One specific relationship I continued to build was with another marketer in the group who has similar goals with growing his team with our Pure Leverage Marketing Platform that has all the tools every marketer and business needs.

I am talking about Autoresponders (10,000 subscriber list) I am talking about video emails I am talking about Live Webinar rooms (100 Seat capacity) I am talking about Live training sessions I am talking about Awesome PLR templates and much more!

I am also talking about kick ass 100% commissions on the front end and 50% recurring monthly that are yours for the taking.


When you join me at Pure Leverage here:

I am going to hook you up with some Major Bonuses:

1) That book I told you about above…I am going to send you a copy of the book (to your house once the 30 day refund period has passed)

2) I am going to be available to you to succeed with your business…text message and email training and support from my end.  As they have over 20,000 members already, their support system may experience a lag at times and I want you to be able to get the help you need.

3) I am going to send you some major team love by adding your link into my rotator, so that you get some direct leads when I send traffic…In the long run you will be gaining leads from me…100% commissions from me…This gives you some incentive to stick around for sure though, because otherwise the commissions come back up to me!

Read that again as this is MAJOR!

Yes, I am going to Give you some of my direct referrals so they instead become your direct referrals.

We both win!

Just use this link to take part in the fun!

Once you are signed up, make sure you jump on the “Become a Reseller” link in the left sidebar…

…THEN, make sure you upgrade to the “VIP Syndicate” as this is also required for the link share because I want to work with those who are dedicated.

If you take that step, I know you mean business and want to do what it takes to make it happen.

It also allows me to know that YOU will be getting more of the goods when I add you to my rotator and you get leads that could end up being full commissions for you as well.

Let the fun begin here:

The next 9.5 months of 2013 are going to be great, so make sure you are going along for the ride!

Make sure you watch the video from me inside your member area once you have joined up to Pure Leverage!

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