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Memory Place Picture and Video Sharing

Memory Place Picture and Video Sharing

Memory Place is a new picture and video sharing and uploading software for all of your events and activities.  Whether you are attending a wedding, sports game, graduation or baby shower, you can easily upload the pictures you take and the event holder will be able to receive all of the images and videos into one location quickly.

As a teacher I can also even see my students submitting pictures or videos they took in class of my demonstrations or work they did in a lab or in class where I will be able to collect the work as a group and choose which ones I want to share.

As a lacrosse coach I can have parents send me pictures of the game or players in action that I can share with the whole team or use for making the next edition of my lacrosse book.

With Memory Place there are endless options where you can attend an event and upload pictures for the event host or people you are celebrating.

Too often people ask something like "Send me that please?" in regards to a picture or video that was taken at an event and then it never happens or perhaps even months later after bugging them many times it finally happens.

Now with a simple QR code at the event people can easily be taken right to your folder to upload their images.  From there they can choose if they want to get on the mailing list and get notified when the image folder goes live for viewing (the owner can keep it private or public) and accessible to look over themselves and download other pictures or videos they might be interested in from the event.

If the event is held private for a matter of time, the people who are uploading images and videos will later get an email notification letting them know that the album is now live assuming they had originally entered their email to be notified when this popped up after submitting their photos!

Memory Place Email notification sign up

After they have added their email they may receive an automated email from the event owner with some details if that person set up their email system correctly with an automated follow message to go out immediately thanking them for participating when the pictures were uploaded.  They would then later get another email if the event is turned public. 

Additionally right after the contributor adds their contact details (or if they click the no, thank you option!) they will have an option to create their own free trial account of Memory Place with the next pop up which will look like this:

Memory Place creating a free account after uploading images

Again notice there in an option to click no thank you and you will not be emailed at all by the person holding the event or from the company itself.  Note, if you do again complete your email here to create your own account and register, you will likely receive email messages from both the company itself as well as the event host (or the referring affiliate) who will hopefully have set up a separate email campaign and follow up series for you here as well in regards to someone interested in hosting your own events compared to just randomly uploading some pictures to help others out.

If you have skipped the video above please go through and watch as I share more details on the member dashboard and how to check images, delate and download them as well as run you through using a QR code and uploading images from your phone directly to the event.

You can also just go here and register your own Memory Place picture and video sharing account now!

Or better yet...test out the whole process right here and send me a quick picture or video of you by using this QR code below:

Memory Place Share your image with Dave Gardner

Or use this link instead if you are on your smartphone already:

If you have questions or comments be sure to leave them below or put them in your video so I can help answer them and get you on the right track and be sure you actually enter your best email into those forms when you add the image/video so you can truly see how the whole system works and the potential it has.

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