So after yesterday’s saga where our car broke down

30 minutes into our trip to South Carolina for some sun

and fun…


…we were able to get back on the road.  We had a

cracked hoseline that leaked all of our engine coolant

out and were able to get this fixed…for another $600

which including the towing and labor.


Better than the $1200 on top of this to rent a vehicle

we could all fit into, but to make a long story short

we were able to get on the road and drove straight

through…just under 15 hours later, we pulled into

my brother-in-laws driveway at 2:45 in the morning


Needless to say we could not sleep and were up another

hour or so as they all woke up excited to see us.


So this morning, my future sister in law tried to make

us Mimosa’s (champagne and orange juice) and

unexpectedly blasted the cork and hit her eye.


Talk about being unprepared…Kind of like us on our

trip the prior day…You never know when you are going

to get blasted with the unexpected.


It is nice to know what you are getting and what you are

getting into as well.


Tim Erway is going to be a straight shooter and let you

know exactly what you are getting into as well when

you build your business online with the following:


1) 13 Mistakes you make that destroy your business

2) 7 quick ways to correct your mistakes

3) How you can build your business with a lead capture page in 5 minutes

4) much more inside when you check out the EMP!

What is EMP you might ask?


If you have not seen or heard about it, it is the Elite Marketing Pro

membership and I have been talking about it for the past couple

weeks (in case you just got on my list!)


I am giving some great incentives and helping you fill in some of

the gaps with the tools you need to build a list as I want to give you

a full year of Pure Leverage and their marketing suite and reseller



you can get the full details of all the bonuses here:


Over 2K in real world value here coming your way that you need

to consider to help you grow.


Well, I would love to add more here, but my wife is yelling

at me….remember we are on a vacation to my brother in laws

but was able to squeeze in a quick one here.


Send me a message with any questions you might have and

I will be able to check tonight when the group goes to sleep!

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