Don't have New Years Resolutions You Won't Keep

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

I am always amazed and how often people quit!

Yes isn't that a great thing to bring up on January 1, 2020 of all days when most people are coming up with new years resolutions and goals!

Don't have New Years Resolutions You Won't Keep

I have been on school break for the last week and a half and enjoying it the max.  The other day we went on a great hike around a couple lakes as we had quite a melt off and the trails were visible again (though some ice here and there slowed our pace down at times) and we ended up stopping to look at books on the way home.

The first stop was the typical book store and I used the gift card I got (actually my girl got me a copy of Russell Brunson's Dot Com Secrets, not knowing I already owed TWO copies of it lol so I returned it for the card credit) and I picked up another book by a great author and speaker I have read and listened to for a few years now in Jeffrey Gitomer which I will be diving into later this month.

Anyway, we were talking about prices of the books at the stores and I always am reminded of how often I have been able to get amazing marketing, business, motivation and success books at thrift stores near me.

A book that normally could cost $15-$30 in the book store I can get for $1-4 in the thrift shop.

Often I can see the original receipt in the book left mid way as a bookmark, or high-lights/pencil marks and notes in the margins by the previous owner and this is totally ok in my perspective because I am getting a great product at an amazing price.

Sometimes you can tell that it looks as though the person hardly even opened the book or ready the full thing.

They may have just quit.

They did not take the time to put the effort into their future success.

So often this happens and there are SO many people who just quit after trying something out for a little while.  Perhaps it's just a couple weeks, months or a year.

They never reach their goals because they quit on them too early.

They don't even try to continue to take small action steps and grow slowly, though instead they just outright stop and put it to a halt.

It's a shame really!

If they kept reading and actually taking action on what they read, they may have had their breakthrough moment or year.

Perhaps they realized that they needed money to build their business and didn't want to do that and just quit.

Perhaps they didn't have support from home or family members and quit.

Perhaps they didn't think they had the time to build a business so they quit.

There are many excuses that people come up with for not doing what it takes to achieve success and growth in their goals.

Yes, excuses!

As they say...they are like Butts...everyone has one and they all stink!

Don't be like those people.  Instead work your butt off now so you don't have to later when you are seen the success.  Now that does not mean you won't have to keep working at all, it just means things will be easier over time for you when you learn how the system works and it becomes second nature for you.

Be an action taker.

Be someone who refuses to quit.

Be the person others look up to and follow.

Be the one you know you are capable of being in your vision.

As we start 2020 remember that I am here for you in the growth and development and I can not wait to hear about your successes.

One of the first success you can have is saying YES to yourself and building a business and we have ALL the tools and products you need to be able to do that.

To be able to do it for less than a dinner out each month with your honey, puts it totally within reach for you (perhaps you might need to cut back on something to help the process)

The Now Lifestyle Platinum level is just $50/month and you get all of the following:

  • Full health/fitness workout training videos and accounts for you AND 5 other friend and family members
  • Lead capture system complete with banners/ad copy and more to build your subscriber list
  • Send Shark Autoresponder (subscriber capacity of 50K subscribers)
  • Lead page/capture page builder
  • Webinar conference room (to conduct training or chat with friends around the world)
  • Live weekly training from the CEO and other NLS Leaders
  • Daily support and Facebook group help
  • Great comp plan of 50% commissions on digital memberships, team building bonuses and 20% commissions on nutritional supplements

You can test it all out for just $1 here today (This is the VIP level which you would be rebilled at $19.99/month unless you click the UPgrade to Platinum level which is the recommended $50/month level with access to MUCH MORE)

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS Pick up Russell Brunson's Secret Book(s) here as they are amazing with ideas you can implement in any business.

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