Now Lifestyle Emerald Award Dave Gardner

No Stopping This Train With the Now Lifestyle Emerald Award

No Stopping This Train With the Now Lifestyle Emerald Award

I am still dragging a bit from the National Event (and then being back to work
and playing the role of taxi for my 3 daughters!)

Talk about physical, emotional and mental challenges!  I need a vacation lol!

Flying, working out, having a blast staying up late with people who have the same
goals as you...

...and have experienced some of the same failures and struggles can make it feel
like a truck hit you sometimes.

But that does not anyhow mean it is not worth it!

I am still waiting for video of my complete speech with my girl Danielle, though
here is most of what I shared when I received my Emerald award, which is what
you receive when you have had $10K in commissions, though in reality I have
just passed $35K...and approaching the Ruby level next.

There is no stopping this train!

You can either come along for the journey with me or sit and watch it pass you
by, leaving you nothing perhaps but dust.

I am going BLACK DIAMOND!  Yes that is the million in commissions level.

I know it will happen because I will NEVER QUIT.

Neither should you!

If you follow the training and apply what you learn and what we teach, soon
all that negativity you may have heard through your stuggles from friends
and family members can be washed down the drain as you start to share
your success instead.

Or just log into your account and click the upgrade tab on the top right!  The higher
the level you can push yourself to, the greater the potential for your growth.

On a side note...this will take work and effort, though most of the heavy lifting is being
done for you where NLS takes care of the advertising.

You too can just switch on the RIGHT MINDSET and accomplish amazing things!

Let's do this!

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