Now Lifestyle 100 Percent Commissions

Now Lifestyle 100 Percent Commissions Launch

Now Lifestyle 100 Percent Commissions Launch

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Now Lifestyle is a marketing tools suite for any business to use to improve their online presence through tools including but not limited to:

  1.  Email autoresponder
  2.  Landing page builder
  3.  Website Authority builder
  4.  Video Hosting
  5.  Live Conference/Webinar software

Now Lifestyle combines these into one low payment monthly compared to paying for all five tools individually elsewhere and also offers a 25% reduced rate yearly membership amount as well.

If you want to earn commission from referring others to Now Lifestyle tools suite (NOTE: I Am an independent affiliate of Now Lifestyle and use the tools to run my business and will earn a commissions if you join using the link at the top of the description) there is an additional reseller license fee that must be purchased (monthly or yearly options available) to qualify you to earn up to 100% commissions broken down three ways.

1) Direct commissions: 50%

2) Matching check bonuses: 25%

3) Team building back end binary matrix bonuses: 25%

When you join me using the link above I have some nice incentives and bonuses as part of my team which are mentioned and discussed in the video.  Here are the options for those coming in at the YEARLY level.

Now Lifestyle Team Bonuses for Joining Yearly with Dave Gardner

1) You gain me as your trainer as well to help you grow

2) Spillover on your matrix (assuming you are a reseller)

3) Marketing trilogy set sent to your house of Eric Worre's Go Pro CD's, Jim Rohn's Building Your Network Marketing Business CD and my personal "$2 Dollar Secret" Book mailed after the 30 Day Guarantee session during month two of your membership.

4) Traffic to your Now Lifestyle affiliate link/sales link to help you grow your business and team

With Bonuses that are physical/require shipping as mentioned above, there will be a delay to protect myself as I will use my commissions to help cover the cost of the items and the shipping anywhere in the world.

Tracking is available in the US, but not guaranteed outside of the US.

Here are the bonuses for those coming in at the MONTHLY Level:

Now Lifestyle Team Bonuses for Joining Monthly with Dave Gardner

Whether you join as a customer or a business builder the five tools are powerful and should be taken advantage of to grow your business or to create a new one on the side.

If you need to partner up with a family member, business partner or similar to obtain the next higher product level than try to do that to help your commissions potential as you normally only earn commissions on the level at which you are enrolled in and pass-ups would occur if you referred someone who came in at a higher level as per the comp plan.

During the Now Lifestyle 2.0 Launch there is the potential to be grandfathered in to earn commissions on the Enterprise Level even if you are at the Platinum level though I am not sure how long that offer will last or be available for. Getting in and getting all in is always advised.

Once you join there will also be an upsell offer for additional mastermind training (higher ticket items to earn on as well potentially) and anyone who takes that offer will get their bonus offer traffic doubled by me to help them grow their teams.

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