Bonus for yearly now lifestyle membership with Dave Gardner

Now Lifestyle Bonus for annual membership

Now Lifestyle Bonus for annual membership

Stop what you are doing!
I truly want you to see success here...know that first and foremost!
I also want to throw out some major incentives to get you taking MORE action.
That involves doing one or more of the following:
1) )Joining Now Lifestyle and becoming a reseller if you do not have an account with me as your sponsor/coach here:
2) Upgrading to the NOW Academy: NLS Professional inside members area
3) Upgrading your existing Gold/Platinum monthly account to a YEARLY account by submitting a support ticket to billing and asking them to do that for you (and save you 25% on your overall fees for the year if you are currently already sponsored by me personally...does not apply if you are sponsored by someone else)
I want to help you grow your business over the next year and here are my updated bonuses and watch the video where I explain it all here:
Come see what I have to share and how I want to help you, though overall it includes things like:
1) Grow your business
2) Learn how your account can be free each year!
3) Provide you with additional information/training and support to make this happen for you
4) Cover a well deserved vacation stay
5) Send traffic to YOUR links!
Boom! Yes lots of value here in this insane Memorial day weekend bonus incentive offer I am running when you join me in the Now Lifestyle (or upgrade your current account that has me listed as your sponsor...I can not offer any of the bonuses if I do not earn the commission)
Let's do this!
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