Now Lifestyle Speech at the New Hampshire North East Regional Event

Now Lifestyle Speech at the New Hampshire North East Regional Event

On April 14, 2018 I had the pleasure to be asked to speak at the North East Regional Event in New Hampshire.  Having been involved with the Now Lifestyle since its inception back in January 2017, I have found something I am passionate about in sharing with others and was glad to jump at the opportunity.  Having my girlfriend alongside me being able to get up 'on stage' herself to share her story as well was so amazing to be a part of as well.

Starting from my high school magazine drive being #1 in sales, to getting cut from teams and making them, the failures and successes over the years have helped me continue to move forward over the years.  Having a refusal to quit when things did not go as planned helped along the way as well and I share just part of my business growth journey in this video.


Now Lifestyle Speakers and Team Members

Rocking the Stage at the Now Lifestyle NE Regional Event were CEO Joel Therien, Daniel Kump, Danielle Ackerman, myself and even Jon Weberg (who is visible in the back of the image) also included is an up and coming NLS member Robson Domingos!

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  • May 25, 2018

    Keep taking massive action and you will be speaking at your company events before you know it.

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