Now Lifestyle Speech by Danielle Ackerman at the New Hampshire North East Regional Event

Now Lifestyle Speech at the New Hampshire North East Regional Event

On April 14, 2018 Danielle Ackerman had the pleasure to be asked to speak at the North East Regional Event in New Hampshire.  Having been involved with the Now Lifestyle since August 2017 as a reseller and using the workouts since the previous month, she is the perfect example of why being a product of the product is necessary.  She shares her story from growing up on a farm and not being familiar with computers and business to taking on a leadership role and taking action.

As a full time dental hygienist and single mother of 4 children, Danielle speaks of changes that have come about since deciding to get healthy, joining NLS and diving into her 'why' for wanting to be involved and shares some recommendations for others who may experience anxiety along the way and how to overcome the fear of putting yourself out there.


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Rocking the Stage at the Now Lifestyle NE Regional Event were CEO Joel Therien, Daniel Kump, Danielle Ackerman, myself and even Jon Weberg (who is visible in the back of the image) also included is an up and coming NLS member Robson Domingos!

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