Now Lifestyle Top Leaders

Now Lifestyle Top Leaders

Now Lifestyle Top Leaders

I just noticed I have moved up another spot on the all time Now Lifestyle commissions list.  Boom and a pat on the back for me! (I jokingly pointed to Joel Therien, the CEO, in the image as I am going after him next lol)

Not to sounds conceited, but I am not ashamed to give a little celebration for the accomplishment.  So in this post I want to just share a couple things I have done to make this happen.  There is no particular order of importance here or ranking of how often I do these but it is is sample of things I have continually done since joining the Now Lifestyle program back in January 2017.

  • I take action daily (on many of the things you will see below)
  • I make videos
  • I write blog posts
  • I post in social media (my personal page and fan page(s)
  • I engage and respond to other peoples posts in social media
  • I invest in solo ads and other paid traffic
  • I invest in the Guaranteed paid leads and sales
  • I create documents/guides to share
  • I email my list almost daily
  • I read often
  • I share/apply what I learn from the books I read
  • I text my team members and respond to their questions/point them in the right direction
  • I immerse myself into growth and making myself better with drive time university and audio books
  • I watch all of the training videos to learn from and share the content with others
  • I fail sometimes
  • I refuse to quit
Now Lifestyle Top Leaders

If you do some of these you will start to see some growth in your business as well, so start taking action NOW!

The general idea does not have to be too technical...

...Ready, Fire, AIM!

Seriously though if you get in and start doing exactly what we tell you and get yourself 100% devoted to focusing on growth of you and your team, you can be a quick success.  Now I do not make any guarantees that you will make any money, though I have made over $26K as of this blog post.

Now Lifestyle Commissions

Start an Online Business

You can get started for Free now and test the whole system out with the Now Lifestyle platform just by clicking here.  Keep in mind, you need to upgrade in order to start being able to make commissions and you do not make anything just by signing up.

You have to take action and sell products as well as sponsor people in the process and be willing to work at this.

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