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Now Lifestyle VIP Level

As of August 20, 2018 there is now a new VIP starter package level business for the Now Lifestyle.  This breaks the barrier that many cite stops them from getting started in a business as so many businesses require thousands of dollars to begin.

The Platinum Level still remains at $50/month with 50% commissions on front end digital products as well as bonus commissions on the back end binary matrix based on team volume.  

Front End Commissions

The Now Lifestyle VIP Level will also pay out 50% commissions based on that level, so for example if you come in at the VIP level and sponsor another VIP level member, you would earn a 50% commission, or about $5/month for the life of that referral as long as they maintain active status.  If you sponsor someone who comes in and upgrades to the Platinum level, you will still only earn $5/month commission as that is the level which you are currently at (while Platinum members earn a $25/month commission on other Platinum upgrades and $5/month on their VIP members).

Binary Matrix Commissions

The VIP Level will earn up to $5 per cycle completed in the binary matrix.  The cycling exists when your downline starts to grow with active members who are paying monthly into the system and does not count members with the "NLS Prelaunch" status as they have only paid for the yearly reseller license and are not paying monthly for the products. 

A cycle occurs when you have 2 active members in one leg of the downline and 4 active members in the other leg of your downline.  You would need to personally sponsor at least one active referral into each leg to start qualifying for the binary matrix bonuses and sponsor a minimal of 6 people to gain lifetime qualification of the binary bonuses.

Platinum member will earn up to $20/cycle each month as a bonus in the binary matrix comp plan. In either case for example, if you had 16 active members in one leg and 8 active members in another leg, this would be FOUR cycles completed and would earn a Now Lifestyle VIP level member a bonus commission of up to $20 while a Platinum member would earn a bonus commission of up to $80.

Breaking the Business Starting Barrier

Too often people get stuck on the mindset that they are broke and can't afford to start a business, or to start getting healthy.  The Now Lifestyle VIP Level now helps break that barrier for both.

With a little financial mind shift and alternate spending, more people will easily be able to come up with the $10/month to get their business up and running.  If they re-arrange their spending even more, they may be able to invest in some paid advertising each month as well which the Now Lifestyle takes care of and can be ordered from inside the member area as shown in the video above through the guaranteed paid sign-ups as well as the guaranteed paid leads through targeted Facebook advertising.  

Perhaps it is one less night out each month, cutting back on brand name clothes or food to save the additional $10/month to start building your business and perhaps your legacy.  You will get out of it what you put into it for sure.

Just go back up and watch the video above to learn more about the system and extensive training provided by the Now Lifestyle as well as by myself when I am your coach/sponsor in the program, or you can just click this link here to join us now for $9.99/month


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