Now Lifestyle Road map to success

Now Lifestyle Webinar Road Map to Success

Now Lifestyle Webinar Road Map to Success

Now Lifestyle Webinar Training 9-2-20 Roadmap to success and Overview Attraction Steps

On September 2, 2020 I hosted a road map to success webinar with 10 steps to take for any person looking to build a business online and using social media and the internet along with marketing tools like an email autoresponder, page builder and more.

This is the RAW webinar as recorded from my end so you see the slide numbers blocking some of the left side of the slides along with some of the pages I view on the back end as I change screens/share my desktop.

The content is what matters and also shares the text thread with some of the questions and comments I respond to during and at the end of the webinar. Here are the main 10 Steps in the roadmap to business success

1. Have a presence in social media and be consistent with posting, liking other people’s posts and even more importantly commenting on other people’s post…not just liking it.

2. Engage with people and take on a leadership role in groups you are passionate about, check out their social profiles and see what they are passionate about or are promoting.

3. Provide answers to people solutions, though do not mistake this as a full on reason to blast your link at them. If you see your product as a perfect fit, perhaps mention it in a private message and not on their actual post or page, unless they ask for it.

4. Have a place people can opt in to learn more about you or your offers and build a list.

5. After people opt in, copy their email and search for them on the internet or other social media, like Facebook and send them a message, friend request or both and thank them for opting in and see how else you can help them.

6. Follow up with them consistently and provide value, not just slamming your links at them again (see #3 above) and through your email broadcasts as well (from #4 above).

7. If you are promoting something, be passionate about it and make it your main focus and prove to them you are going to stick around, especially if they show interest in joining.

8. When someone joins your team, be sure to do whatever it takes to get the ball rolling for them. See #5 above about finding and friending them, send them some quick start guides or video training that you created so they get to know like and trust you.

9. Reach out to people who are in your upline and downline that did not recruit you or you did not recruit and let them know as well that you are there to help them any way you can. Building relationships can go a long way.

10.Be consistent, refuse to quit (even if you have some failures and setbacks) and take action daily. This is probably one of the most important tips to follow and stick with in order to see the results you are looking to achieve

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