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If you are looking to achieve your goal, you need to follow one simple step: Consistency!

Now I know for some that this could be like pulling teeth as the only thing a lot of people like to be consistent about it eating and sleeping.  I am not coming out and saying you have to stick with your task every day of the year as we all deserve a break and need the mental and/or physical rest to rejuvenate  at times.

What you need to be is consistent though in your efforts towards your goal, or it will never happen.

Stop working at it for an extended time and you just put yourself backwards, you know, the whole one step forward, two steps back idea.  Consistent action, assuming you are doing it right, should not only keep you moving forward and closer to your goal, but also it is possible to achieve the goal sooner than originally planned.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, get stronger, build a blog or social media presence, grow a subscriber list and improve sales, you have to be consistent in your efforts.

You also do not need to be spending the full day doing what you are setting to accomplish, though you need to schedule some time frequently throughout each week and dedicate it towards your goal.  Be it 30 minutes or 8 hours a day, you will see growth if you keep taking action.

Since starting online in 2009, I have lived by the TARL Philosophy (Thanks to Bob ‘The Teacher” Jenkins) which stands for Take Action Revise Later.  You have to get out there and start taking action if you want to see any growth and it does not always have to be perfect, as you can always come back and tweak it later.

Remember, imperfect action beats perfect inaction every day of the year.

If you are ready to be consistent and take your the goals in your mind and put them into action, I highly recommend getting a platform for you to share your progress and be able to build a list of followers who want to know how you did it as well.

You can get the tools you need like a blog and email autoresponder software to build a list of up to 10,000 subscribers for the next 30 days for just $1 (then it is just a low $24.95 to keep using the tools per month).  These are the same tools I am using to collect my leads here (feel free to get my Magnetic Sponsors newsletter as well by entering your contact information on the top right of the blog to see how it all works).

Remember, it only takes one step to start, then be consistent in your actions and you will see growth.  I am not going to guarantee you will make any money doing it, especially if you go about it all wrong or just spam people with your progress and nothing else (like how you are personally doing or fun times you are having).

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote:

You Get out of it what you put into it!

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