Our 1 dollar donation for Ryan Deiss end of the web report

Now you are probably wondering…Only a $1 donation?

Well my hopes are that it will add up when everyone does there part.

It won’t be anything out of your pocket as I will donate on your part when you read one short report (applies week of August 3, 2011 only).

Ryan Deiss just release a new report on why he thinks this is the end of the web.


All you have to do is go check it out by signing in and you will get the report. When I see my opt in stats (Yes, I am an affiliate and student of Ryan’s) I will make a donation on your behalf to an organization to be later named. I will be posting the donation/video later in the week on my website you see above for YourReviewGuru!

The more people check out the report, the more I can donate, so help out today, learn a little and do something that will make you feel good now!

Get your the report here now–> http://yourreviewguru.com/end-of-the-web

Thank you in advance,

Dave Gardner…AKA YourReviewGuru

PS: You will receive follow up emails from Ryan. If you never want to hear from him again after you check out the report, all you need to do is hit his unsubscribe button.

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