Partnering with Jeunesse Global

Partnering with Jeunesse Global

If you want to know more and get in on the action...Come see what we have in store by clicking here for your exclusive invite!

My primary company is expanding our marketing tools and software into a billion dollar a year network marketing company known as Jeunesse who have customers/representatives and ships to over 140 countries worldwide.

You can learn more about Jeunesse (and join me there as well!) by clicking here!

As mentioned in the video above, I took part in a Discover Jeunesse event during the weekend of July 12-14 where they actually flew me in based on my enrollment status/level and welcomed me and the Terrific 12 Team with open arms as you can also see in the images below.  You know you have some good down to earth people to work with the top leaders are grilling your burgers and inviting you to their house.

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  • July 18, 2019

    Saoud you still have not completed the form that attaches me to you, though if you want to get in you can click the link in the blog post where it says “You can learn more about Jeunesse (and join me there as well!) by clicking here!” which will bring you to the Jeunesse website and you can join.

    Seeing that you live overseas I am not sure if they would fly you in for this event, though they may have another event closer to where you live which would make more sense in terms of travel. Keep in mind you would need to be a member coming in at least at the Sapphire level (Not sure what the pricepoint will be for that in your country) as we are looking for serious builders only…Not just people coming in at the bottom or lower levels.

  • July 18, 2019

    Yes Dave i want to join you in this great Team of Jeunesse and I would like to get this trip to come to Orlando or Florida to meet you and all the team. As you know, I have been invited by Jason

    Allen and Janet Legere to join but i have choose you my friend. I know you will always be here to HELP ME anytime i NEED YOUR HELP. I have seen a window that tell join our family.

    Do i have to fulfill this form ?

    I am here to learn with you and to build / grow our Relationship with you and others.

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