Practice Daily Discipline to see successes in your business

If you want to see growth you need to “Practice Daily Discipline to see successes in your business”

Practice Daily Discipline for business success


There are always times when we do not want to do something and that is the beginning of falling into a trap where no growth is seen.  In order to grow you need to expand what you are doing and stretch yourself, sometimes out of your comfort zone to get to another level.

The growth process is something that should be continuing and even if you can be labeled as expert, you can always learn more…Or relearn what you might have forgotten from years ago that you might be neglecting as sometimes it is the basic principles that make things happen.

Consistency and being persistent in your work ethic is what is needed if you want to see success in your business.  As success does not usually happen overnight (unless you win the lottery perhaps) you need to maintain and practice daily discipline and build habits that will provide a slow and continuous growth for your brand and your business.

This could be something as simple as writing a content rich blog post or video each day, or calling up a lead that provided this information, to possibly providing value daily in the social media groups you belong to.

Having an accountability partner often helps you maintain your daily discipline so that you can make sure each other is doing what they set out to do.

Compounding Effect

Simply doing something each day is going to have a compounding effect on your business as the little things might not seem to be like a big deal when you make your first or second, or even your 10th blog post, but when you look back after a year or so and have hundreds of posts with engagement, then it looks as though you have achieved some massive growth.


I learned a phrase from Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins called TARL, which stands for Take Action Revise Later.  This has been with me since 2009 when I first heard it (he even wrote a book about it which you can get here at

Most people might not put anything out into the workspace for fear of mistakes or it not being perfect in their eyes and thus it never gets done.  If you realize that you can easily get pieces out there for people to see and make adjustments of improvements as time goes on you have a much better chance of growth.  You can always go back and fix your work online and even update content or links as needed.

The only guarantee I will ever make is that you will not succeed if you do not take any action.

But I lost and failed!

Even if you lose or fail along the way, you need to realize you will learn things that will help improve your daily discipline habits.  If you know what happened that made you not successful, hopefully you will not repeat that again and will be able to make small changes that bring about better results.

Another quote I like is the one called “Fail Forward Fast” which I first heard from Marshall Sylver ( where you should consider failure as part of the success path.  You really only ever fail if you actually quit and give up.

The key to practicing daily discipline is to actually get out there and do it.  You have to take action each day, whether you feel like crap or feel like a million bucks.  Those who stick with it and keep at it are those that succeed and experience massive growth over time.

Are you ready to grow?

If you want the trainings I am using to help you grow I can make some great suggestions.  Depending on what fits your budget and desires, here are my top three suggestions to check out.  You have to apply what you learn though!

Hope you liked these!

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Dave Gardner

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