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Product Marketing Ideas That Take Your Product A Little Further

Product Marketing Ideas That Take Your Product A Little Further

You’ve got a great idea for a product. You launch it, it sells. But how can you take things further? From launching supplementary products to building more awareness around your product, there are different ways you can expand on your product’s success and reach an even bigger market.

Here are some product marketing ideas that take your product a little further.

Brand some accessories

When a product takes off, it could achieve cult status. Just like a celebrity or a TV show, you could find that people don’t just want your product, but everything else with your name on it. Coca-cola did it with t-shirts and other accessories, what’s possible with your brand?

Take a look at what’s popular and how it can tie in with your product. Could you brand your own preroll packaging or something like a phone case? Think of branded merchandise as a promotional tool that helps make you money, but also drives people back to your product. 

Start a sponsorship deal

A great way to promote your product is to start a sponsorship deal. Pairing with a well-known celebrity or influencer can put your brand on the map, introducing it to their large following. Not sure if it’s for you? Check out some of the best examples of social media endorsements that paid off big time. It might just make you change your mind!

Build content around your product

If you want people to connect with your brand and products, then it’s a good idea to build content around them. This helps give you content for your digital marketing activities, but it also helps people to use your product in different ways. Beauty brands are an excellent example of this. While they might make and sell products such as make-up or hairstyling tools, their social channels tend to feature advice on how to use them. This then encourages followers to make similar content, further exposing the brand.

From a blog to social media videos, there are a lot of different ways you can build some content around your brand. Experiment with different content types to see what lands with your audience.

Team up with another brand

Working with another brand is another fantastic way to take your product further. Brand collaborations help expand a brand’s market, and uses the other brand’s reputation to market something as cool or interesting. Find a brand that shares your values and has some common ground and arrange a meeting. You never know what could be possible until you start exploring it.

Product marketing provides a lot of incredible creative opportunities - you just need to take advantage of them. Think of ways you can push your product and your brand to help it grow and reach new people - there’s a whole world out there, so get to work on some product marketing ideas that can help you take your product to a whole new level. 

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