Merchandise for your business branding

Promotional Merchandise for Your Small Business

Promotional Merchandise for Your Small Business

When you think about promoting your business, you normally think about digital advertising and traditional advertising, but it’s important to consider merchandise. T-shirts, lanyards, balloons, tote bags, and mugs are excellent ways to build your brand and offer a value-added service to your clients and future prospects. Find out more about the benefits of merchandise.  


Lanyards are used in many businesses and events; their purpose is to identify people or carry special access passes. But lanyards are much more than a function; they are an opportunity to advertise businesses to hundreds of people every day or the right people at special events. 

Putting the brand name of your business on a lanyard strap is an excellent way to advertise your business because they are used so frequently and reliably. People are always picking up lanyards and putting them on, making your brand name extremely visible and recognizable. 


Everyone loves t-shirts; they are excellent for wearing casually, laying your clothing, and using for pajamas when your main set is in the wash. Branded t-shirts are a great way to advertise your brand at special events and to keep the circulation of your brand going throughout the year. 

T-shirts are economical to produce; you can also get creative with the styles and logos to keep them interesting - why not develop different t-shirts for different events or seasons? T-shirts allow you to get more value from your advertising budget by keeping your brand more relevant.    


Even small businesses can organize networking events to connect with relevant brands and clients. In-person networking events are still popular despite the rise in digital platforms and offer a rare chance to communicate, learn, and connect with others in your niche and domain. 

If you decide to put on a networking event for your company, make sure you have some custom balloons at the event. Custom balloons create a sense of occasion at a commercial networking event and show that you’ve made an effort. Naturally, this also makes helps to grow your brand.  

Tote Bags 

Tote bags are having a moment, but it’s a long moment. Tote bags are popular in much the same way as t-shirts and lanyards; they are functional and appealing because you can put your brand logo on the front allowing customers and prospects to identify with your company brand. 

If you intend to spend some of your advertising budget on merchandise, make sure you include some tote bags along with t-shirts, lanyards, and balloons. Again, tote bags are easy and cost-effective to produce, meaning you can give them away for free to clients and prospects.   


Mugs are one of the best items of merchandise you can produce for your brand. Again, mugs are functional and are used for months and years in offices and homes, offering you more value from your advertising budget. Depending on the quality of the mugs, you can give them away or charge a small fee for them to help you balance the books. Try to use your own merchandise.   

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