Pure Leverage Bonuses and Incentives for Trying Pure Leverage

I have some major incentives for you today!


All it is going to cost you is $1 or maybe $2 if you are set on

making your business succeed!


And I am going to hook you up, or incentivize you as well with

some awesome bonuses!


Here is what you have to do:

1) Try out Pure Leverage for 7 days for just $1 by clicking here

2) Try out GVO Hosting for 7 days for just $1 by clicking here


So all that is going to cost you this week is a measly $2 and here

is why you need to test these out (before I share you the bonuses

I am going to give


S.O.B. (Statement of Benefit) if you are serious about getting online

you need your own website hosting as well as a means to get in touch

with and train your subscribers

Combined, GVO and Pure Leverage have what it takes…If you do the GVO

one first, you can always upgrade to Pure Leverage inside the member

area as they belong to the same company but are separate marketing platforms.


I am talking hosting your sites, video hosting, autoresponder and opt in forms,

video email, live webinar conference rooms, live training and much more just

for a $2 trial.


When you stay on after a week it is only going to cost you less than $35 a month

for BOTH of these TOTAL…yes, TOTAL!


GVO will run about $9.95 while Pure Leverage will run about $24.95, thus less

than $35 a month for all the tools you need to run your business online.


Yes, they will try to sell you on upgraded packages, reseller rights, additional

training and more and you can do them, but they are not required for you

to take part in this crazy offer I have.


Bonuses for the TWO $1 trials.

#1: I will add your link into my link rotator to help you get leads to your own

downline in both GVO and Pure Leverage.  These will be YOUR direct leads

and not mine.

#2: I will hook you up with a complimentary $27 membership to the Triaffic

Generation Club as well as a $27 membership to the affiliate profits club, both

of which will help you drive traffic to your websites.

#3: I will give you access to me for any coaching questions you have and to

help you get set up

#4: I will share with you my Quickstart Guide to GVO to get up and running

in the next 24 hours

#5: I will Promote your content on my blog with a link to YOUR GVO or Pure

Leverage page..yes, more traffic for you this week!


These are killer incentives.


Now it gets even better: Imagine if you stay and upgrade your accounts to continue

with both programs and pay just the $35 a month….I am going to continue to

share more bonuses

Continued Bonuses when you stay as a member

1) Continued rotation in my affiliate link rotator (Each month)

2) Lifetime coaching and support from me through

phone, skype, text message, email etc. (Each month)

3) A $10 itunes or amazon gift card sent to you (after month 1 is complete!)

4) Bonus memberships into other $27 clubs I have access to like eMarketers Club

and the Wealth Upgrade Club (each month you get a bonus for staying with

the team!)

5) Much, much more…..so be sure to save this blog post for sure and reply to me below when you take the $1 trials today to test out GVO and Pure Leverage

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