Whoa oh oh!

Boy this is cool!


I usually am not about hype, but this really is going to

change email marketing forever.


When they involved 100% commissions as well you know

it is going to get people talking.




I have stressed how important it is to have your own

autoresponder and email delivery services before and

this takes it to the top.


I have also told you about GVO before and it is these

guys who are brining video email marketing to the

top of the marketplace and offering a phenomenal

incentives along the way.


In just two short weeks it goes live, but I am sending this

to all my hard core reader…Yes, YOU!  You are the ones

who have stuck with me and deserve the best.


I am already Locked (in) and Loaded, meaning I have

secured my position with Pure Leverage and invite you

to do the same.


Just take a couple minutes now and see what Joel has

to say about it and sign up to check it out.




I am testing out the demo room now and will

have some videos up soon showing you about it,

but in the mean time, see how it is all going down!


Dave Gardner


PS: here is what a few are saying already that are in:

Eric Sands: Finally a 100% commission pay plan that’s affordable for the masses. Kenny Martinez:  Pure Leverage is just what the doctor ordered, 100% commissions and plus all the added bonuses is nothing but pure value!   Thanks for this awesome Tool Suite Joel, GVO always delivers on point!

Terri Rau: Excited  about the launch Joel, still can’t believe 100% commissions are earned  on sharing this amazing suite of tools with leaders and anyone looking  to build their business!

Richard Hawley: Talk about Over Deliver! WOW!

See for yourself: https://thedavidgardner.com/PureLeverage