Pure Leverage Michelle Pescosolido Live webinar kicked Facebooks Butt

Pure Leverage Michelle Pescosolido Live webinar kicked Facebooks Butt

Last Night the Facebook Queen herself (as Mark Call labels her) got on the Pure Leverage live webinar platform (which is included in the tools suite) and kicked Facebooks Butt.  Yes, Michelle Pescosolido is like a goddess when it comes to facebook marketing and she blessed all those in attendance last night (about 1900 people strong ont the live webinar)

I totally sat there and had a mindshift and slap in the face somewhat as I reconfirmed myself as having gone about it all wrong.  It is an easy trap to fall into when you want to be sharing all this great advice, along with tools and courses you have taken, with the rest of your community.

So starting last night I already jumped on the ship to making things correct…And following some cool tips she gave as well, one of which is getting your fanpage to be the “face” where you are liking other pages.  Thus people start interacting with “you” in the sense of your fanpage and may likely come “like” your page as well.

I am looking for the Lucky 7!

Now here is my bribe for you, especially if you did not get on the webinar.  I am going to send you a copy of my notes from last nights webinar, but you have to at least TRY out Pure Leverage for 7 Days.


The first 7 who sign up and invest just $1 for the 7 day trial are going to not only get the notes from this webinar that I took, but also some secret bonus material that will show you how to implement the Pure Leverage marketing tool suite into any business you might be in.

When you go to the page, just enter your name and best email to start the Step 1 Process…You need to make sure it says at the bottom that you were referred by “Dave Gardner” otherwise I will not get credit (yes I stand to earn 100% commissions if you upgrade to the whole month and you can benefit the same was as well should you choose to do the same and become a reseller like I am).

Each week the folks at Pure Leverage are going to be bringing superstars together to present the latest and greatest, where you will easily be able to apply their knowledge and testing into your own businesses and successes.

You have to be in it to win it!

Head on over to sign up for your $1 trial here, then leave a comment on the blog to let me know you are testing it out (with the same email so I can verify and send you the notes you missed!)


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