Reliable Reach Autoresponder Email service is a new GVO Product

Reliable Reach Autoresponder Email service is a new GVO Product

Reliable Reach, the new autoresponder only service from GVO is launching on or about May 1st it seems and is paying out 300% on a $9.97 product.

Reliable Reach Autoresponder from GVO

Reliable Reach Autoresponder from GVO

I just found the artists website who put the site together and could see some of the details, though the site it not live for signups yet. (Se sure to sign up on my page here to find out more and stay up to date, or sign up for my email training and product selling guide with email at

With Reliable Reach, for every 5 members you bring in within a week, Joel Therien, the CEO of GVO, is promising 300%, or basically $30 and then another 100% on the residual month before it goes to the normal 50% on the continuing months.

It also looks as though members are going to get 5000 subscribers with upgrade options for the super low price of just $9.97 a month

Why is this important for people in business and ANY Network Marketing company…A couple ideas

1) Some people do not want all the other bells and whistles that the hosting or Pure Leverage offer as they might already have a blog or website up and running, but might need the autoresponder still.

2) It actually is a great lead in for the Pure Leverage funnel. When people see that it would only cost an additional $15 a month to get all the other tools, it becomes a no-brainer
and thus Reliable Reach is going to be a great front end product for the GVO family of tools.

Keep your eyes open to future blog posts or emails if you signed up from me and from Joel to know when you can sign up yourself and also be able to promote as this is going to unite people from EVERY opportunity.

Seriously though….what other program out there can you see fitting betting with another program than one that lets you build a list of subscribers to train, educate, develop relationships with and of course get people interested in buying your stuff!

Let me know if you have questions. One major thing you would need is to either be a member of Reliable Reach yourself, which you should be able to upgrade to after/on May 1st or be a member of Pure Leverage and take part in the reseller program so you can qualify for those 300% commissions.

You can join Pure Leverage and be on top of things when they launch here:

Not bad for a $19.97 a month reseller fee to make as many Reliable Reach sales as you can make each and every month.

Thursday is going to be fun!

Dave Gardner

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