Reliable Reach Email marketing using Video Maker FX

In this video I use the awesome video maker FX software as found online to create a simple introduction video for the Reliable Reach email marketing suite that is coming in May 2014 from GVO. This software was easy to use and has a variety of templates, backgrounds, audio clips, editing features and more.

This simple system will make video creation easy for even the newest of video makers. After some tweaking around as this was my first effort and video produced using this software, I found that a video less than 90 seconds long worked the best and rendered as I expected it to.

With a longer video using the first version of the software, there were some issues with the slides matching up with the word audio I has added, though they were working on upgrades to alleviate this issue.

Overall with very little effort I was able to create a high quality looking video in a short period of time.

Owners of this product basically have full rights to make as many videos as they want, for whoever they want, which makes it valuable to marketers online who are looking to reach out to their local marketplace to provide additional services.

If you are looking for a solution to our video maker problems, I would highly suggest testing this software out.

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