Resistance band at home workout

Resistance Band upper body at home first workout

Resistance Band upper body at home first workout

The other day I wrote about receiving my resistance bands and so I decided to do a quick on the spur of the moment video shoot of me testing them out to see how they worked.

I have recently joined the “Now Lifestyle” membership as an Elite Syndicate member and part of the major focus inside this health program is one of high intensity interval training as well as resistance band training.  As I have never been one to like doing a lot of free weights or wanting to workout for hours at a time, this seems more for me and my time schedule.

In the video you will see I show 6 exercises that I literally just pulled out of the air (or my ass for that matter) to test out the resistance bands.

As you can see I am rocking the bed-head and sweats, looking awkward at the camera to check my spacing and have some random music and pop ups within the video.

I took action.  I did not wait for it to be perfect…I wanted to instead share what I experienced and showed you that it really does not matter what you look like if you are to workout from home.

I only focused on my upper body with these exercises in this video, though Joel Therien of Now Lifestyle has mentioned to us that there are 85 different activities we will be able to do with the resistance band system that will be available for retail purchase as a member.

The workout I had was a nice and easy one and this was using the strongest band in the group.  Next time I will need to add a couple bands together if I am to feel the effects better and gain a more appropriate benefit from this technique.

As I continue to go through the program and try out more workouts I will be sure to post and share with you.  It’s all about taking action if you want to see results.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated so you can hold me accountable for my progress!

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