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I thought I would share with you a great offer that litterally just came to my mailbox. is a site that offers discounted coupons/certificates for over 15,000 restaurants around the US.   Typically you can get a $25 certificate for $10. There is often a requirement of a $35 minimum purchase, but you will still make out on the end with the discount.

For the next week, they are going crazy and offering these for $2.00. YES, just $2.00, which is another 80% off the already low price. This would be an excellant opportunity for you to stack up on your holiday gifts and giveaways or even to enjoy for yourself! Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

Click the above banner to get your Certificates now!

Make sure when you are there you enter the correct code as presented on the banner above when you check out.

Do me a favor and tell your friends to come over and read this post so they can get the good deal as well that I am helping to promote. If you could also leave me a comment as to where you bought a certificate from and in what city, that would be great too. Weekly Promo Banner 120x60

Go Now as you only have 6 days to make this great offer work for you!

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