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Retaining Our Flexibility As A Firm

Retaining Our Flexibility As A Firm

As businesses grow, they tend to get less flexible. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but mostly because adding systems, protocols and staff members to any enterprise will mean that the organization becomes less nimble and less able to make quick decisions or execute them as fast as they may otherwise without having that knock-on effect.

But is it possible to retain your flexibility as a firm? After all, many businesses need to pursue the clients, and to make sure they update their firm to modern norms, and continually upgrade and improve their services in order to compete with a vast number of growing businesses out there. Achieving this takes time and energy, but it also requires the ability to make executive decisions without having to suffer long-term immobility because of that.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss a few means by which you can retain flexibility as a firm, and what that may even mean. We’ll then discuss the benefits this can have for your staff and enterprise as a whole, even when you grow. Let’s get started:

Scaling Our Services

To the degree that we can, it’s important to consider how we can scale our services as we grow. This might mean implementing something of a modular design towards how clients can add certain services onto their package. Or, it might simply be that offering additional premium delivery options for those who purchase a subscription can help you learn how to prioritize your packaging or how to translate some value of your economies of scale onto the clients at hand, squeezing out further value where possible. A combination of these factors can be healthy to implement

Using Worthwhile Support Formats

It’s essential to make sure that your ability to provide support is easily managed and mediated by the platform you use to do that. For instance, implementing a live web chat functionality on your website can help you avoid the need to use a helpdesk or integrate phone support into your tiny office as of yet. Or, it might be that using virtual mailbox companies can help you establish a place to collect your mail and other correspondence in a secure manner that doesn’t give away your home or humble office address. A solid combination is worthwhile here.

Remote Working Options

Offering the capabilities of remote working is more than just a nice fad brought along by an unfortunate pandemic. This is going to be an essential means of managing, onboarding and providing enhanced flexibility to our employees and more, and the ability to do this will quite literally define the calibre, competence and willingness of staff members to invest in your firm. Remote working can make scheduling meetings easier, allows staff who are willing to work but may have a light illness to get at least something done at home, or can help you bring on many different outsource professionals from around the world if needs be. As you can see, a competent approach like this is hard to quantify, but remains valuable all the same.

With this advice, you’re sure to retain your flexibility as a firm.
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