Rhyme Time Marketing

Rhyme Time Marketing

I recently Started Reading “To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink (see prior post on “Everyone is in sales” at https://thedavidgardner.com/everyone-is-in-sales/) and one of the things I picked up today was the idea of having a little Rhyme time with your marketing.

To Sell is Human
Think about some of the phrases you have used that have stuck more in your mind due to them having a nice ring to them.  This is mostly likely due to the fact that they might have had a rhyme in there.  This is pretty much why we remember music lyrics as well.

For example, try these on:

  • It’s not a joke….it really is coke
  • Stop and think…is that the protein shake you want to drink?
  • You’ll want it year after year…after that first sip of our beer!

Now these are not belonging to any actual product that I am aware of at this point, as I just made them up in my mind in the last minute or so.  This means that you too can easily be witty in your subject lines and within your content.  Have some fun with it when you can and mix up your emotions so that you might not always come off as being the joker kind.

Just click this link and you can pick up a copy of “To Sell Is Human” by Daniel Pink as well to get more great tips like I shared in this post.

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