Russell Brunson and Dan Kennedy Free Gift

Russell Brunson and Dan Kennedy Most Incredible Free Gift Ever

Russell Brunson and Dan Kennedy Most Incredible Free Gift Ever

Back in 2012 I had the pleasure of going to Kenya with Russell Brunson for winning his marketing contest (see the picture below)!  He has continued to provide some of the best content, training, strategies and software for marketing and just took over the Magnetic Marketing company of Dan Kennedy...who is another absolute legend of the game.

Sort of like the one that all the best marketers owe their success to and now they want to send you a free book with some of their top strategies: 

Everyone is kind of freaking out over the NEW “Most Incredible Free Gift EVER” from Dan Kennedy and Russell Brunson...

I know a ton of people have already signed up for it (myself included)… 

So if you haven’t yet, and if there’s still availability (they’re only printing 1,000 of the books and manuals this month for the offer)... 

Then you should sign up, and let them know where to send your gift here:

Get The Most Incredible Free Gift EVER RIGHT NOW by clicking Here >>

So...what exactly IS it?  

I don’t want to spoil the whole surprise for you (that’s part of the magic - you’ll see what I mean on the signup page)...

But when you get started today, you’ll not only get Dan’s “NO B.S. Newsletter” in the mail each month… 

But you’ll ALSO get Russell’s “Behind The Scenes” newsletter each month as well! 

So EVERY TWO WEEKS, you get a new gift in the mail from either Dan, or Russell!

It’s two marketing legends coming together to bring you the best principles and strategies for how to grow your business.  

Dan Kennedy will give you the BEST of direct response marketing…


Russell Brunson’s newsletter will share his BEST strategies for what’s working RIGHT NOW in online marketing!

These will probably be the two best marketing newsletters IN THE WORLD...and I can’t wait for my first issue to come in the mail

Here’s where I signed up for it → 

You can see the full offer (with over $19,997 worth of bonuses ?)...

And you can use this link to get a 30 Day Trial, so you can test-drive the Newsletters and see if you like it.  (I already know I’ll love them!)

Let's do this!

PS Here is a pic of me and Russell in Kenya!

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