Russell Brunson new Dot Com Secrets X Bonus offer

If you have spent some time reading your emails, you may have gotten inundated with updates regarding Russell Brunson’s new Dot Com Secrets X 30 day marketing challenge.

What you probably did not get a lot of is bonus offers.  Many marketers are out there trying to take the lions share and not hooking you up.

Not the case here. I am laying it all on the table to help you out and make it worth your while, when you join the Dot Com Secrets X 30 Day Challenge by Russell Brunson.

Initial Investment is only $1 which goes to the Make a wish foundation and World Teacher Aid.

What you get: 30 days full access to the Dot Com Secrets X by Russell Brunson.  That is 30 days of full access training from one of the best marketers online today.  You also get full access to his Marketing Illuminati course which includes but is not limited to the following:

* Access to previous live event videos

* Access to previous DCS Journals

* Text Message coaching with Russell himself

* much more…..

Again, all of this for just $1…Suppose you like what you learn and how you progress through the course, you stick around and Russell Brunson has a $97 fee per month to continue with the full access.


You can get the full year in advance for 50% off when you use this link here to sign up to try it out

So where does the Bonus come in right……………………..mwaaa haaa haaa!!!!

When you buy the full year, I want to take the pain right away (I know it is a big investment, but it is saving you in the long run too)

Bonus #1: I will pay for your full year of GVO hosting/autoresponder etc. which is set up to integrate with the challenge ($120 value)

Bonus #2: I will set up your first blog with GVO and get your “Free affiliate website” (included in the course) ready for you to use to your hearts content.  if you are a newbie, this is priceless to get started

Bonus #3: I will Send you a physical copy of Mike Filsaimes best selling “Butterfly marketing manuscript 3.0” which goes through massive amounts of small changes you can make in your business that have exponential results ($97 value)

Bonus#4: I will hook you up with a physical DVD, mailed to your door, or Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Digital book as well as his other two best selling softwares in Viral Friend Generator and PowerLink Generator. ($597 value)

Bonus #5: I will be your accountability partner, making sure you are getting your act in gear and progressing daily through the 30 Day Challenge

Bonus #6: I will give you access to me as well with text message and email coaching…You have a question, you send it my way. (priceless)

These should definitely get you feeling you are getting a ton of value both in materials you need to run a business and the education to show you how.

Just be sure to use this link below:

What if you already are in but did not order yet?  Just use the link and be sure to use a completely different email that you originally signed up with so that you may be cookied to me.  Otherwise you could use my link and still end up going elsewhere and someone else might get the commission and I would not be able to honor the bonuses.

Send me a comment letting me know you did and I will get in touch with you with the email for the bonus delivery (some delay due to refund periods, which I hope you can understand)

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  • April 30, 2012

    Hey Armando, I know a little spanish, but is this Portuguese? Please write in English on an English blog my friend

  • April 27, 2012

    He observado su crecimiento en Gvo y es exponencial, felicitaciones Russell Brunson en Gvo, la cantidad de afiliados que ha logrado y el seguimiento que le da usted es muy bueno.

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