Selling my Lacrosse Book on Amazon through Create Space overseas

Selling my Lacrosse Book on Amazon through Create Space overseas


I just wanted to share a short post about the awesomeness of the holidays and seeing a boost in book sales for my Lacrosse Book on Amazon through Create Space overseas.  Starting mid November, I noticed that either people think my book is awesome, or they are getting prepared for the holidays.

As seen in the image above, there have been 6 sales in the US, 2 in Europe and a whopping 10 in Great Britain.  Yes, this is awesome for a couple reasons.

  1. This means the word is out there about my book
  2. People might be sharing it with their friends
  3. It should help build rank for my book on Amazon
  4. More lacrosse players around the world are going to experience the book
  5. My market share continues to grow
  6. There is still time before the holidays to sell more

I could go on about why it is awesome of course, though I will spare you my short moment of egotistical enjoyment!

Besides, who doesn’t love selling something, especially when they really did not have to do anything for it.  Not to say I did nothing for those sales, though I do not ever advertise my book on Amazon.  I do however advertise in other mediums, which might result in someone doing a random Google search of the book to see if they can get it elsewhere, like on Amazon.

There are more perks to picking it up from my personal site at like a bonus digital copy that is instantly accessibly as well as bonuses like training videos, extra tips and ideas through email coaching and an awesome sticker as well!

You also will be able to stay up to date on specials and other great training tools and products like the Lacrosse Powershaft which helps you shoot faster, check hard and throw farther, just to name a few of the benefits.  You can see what they have to say about that here:

Whether you grab the Commandments of Lacrosse through Amazon (click on the image above) or through my website (see link above) be sure to get out there and take action on becoming a better player in the game of lacrosse…and be sure to tell your friends about the book as well as referrals are always welcome (and you can actually earn commissions when you promote the book as shown here:

Keep the sales coming lacrosse fans…I love seeing them in my Create Space member area!

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