Send Shark email autoresponder from Now Lifestyle

Send shark email autoresponder from Now Lifestyle

The Money is in the List

If you have been involved in marketing or business for any amount of time, you have likely have heard the statement that the money is in the list.  Well, the money is really in the pockets of those on your lists, as without customers or followers you most likely would not be making any sales.

If you were like me in the beginning you were perhaps not always building YOUR list, but possibly building someone else's list instead. 

While you might have made a commission on an affiliate sale, you didn't have an official list.

I messed this up big time when I first got started...I would post links all over social media, in groups and even pay for solo ads, but I was sending traffic direct to the offer of someone else.

Big mistake for sure as I continued to have to get more eyes...instead of the same ones on offers and recommended services or products.

I also was not able to develop a relationship with the people seeing the offers.

What is an email autoresponder?

The thing you need to build your list and be able to engage with them through automated follow-ups and live broadcasts messages is called an email autoresponder.  It allows you to place code on your website or page and be able to capture information from a viewer to your website.  You can then instantly re-direct them to a sales page, thank you page, your social media sites or a video of YOU, to start developing the whole know, like and trust scenario.

Let your viewers get to know you.   It is totally fine and the more they know about you the better chance they will want to stick around, assuming you are also giving them some good quality content and not just shoving offers down their throat with every single email blast.

Let's face it, no one just wants to see offers all the time.  They want to learn and see what is working.  They want to get ideas that they can implement into their own businesses that will allow them to improve their front line or grow their memberships.  When you have an email autoresponder you are able to provide that continual contact with your leads and or members/clients.

You can choose to send out an autoresponder sequence of follow-up messages that is 3, 5, 7 or 100 days long, depending on how many emails you want to add into the system.

I find having a least a few follow-ups is good to start and you can always add more as time goes one.

NOTE: Do not,  I repeat, do not put things in your automated messages that deal with current events.  Make them generic so they still seem as though they are coming from a live person and not someone stuck in the past.  For example if you talk about the snow storm, but someone opens you email in the middle of August in New York, then it might sound a bit odd.  If you talk about how your favorite team won the super bowl or world series, hopefully the last time that happened was not before the turn of the century.

Now, if your team does win the big one, or you get stuck in a huge snow storm, then by all means either talk about it in the past tense in your emails or use this as a reason to send out live broadcast messages.

Not all Marketing All the time

Do not be afraid to open up and share your likes, or even dislikes in your messages, so again people get to know who you are and the type of person you seem to be.  They will often say that many people will join a business for YOU and not just the business itself.  They could truly join anyone, though they joined you for a reason.  Be open, friendly and tell them how it is (no need to sugar coat things as they will respect you more for that in the end anyways.)

You can even use the events and holidays through the years to share some stories or scenarios to your customers, and who does not like a holiday sale!

Recommended Autoresponder

Send Shark Email Autoresponder from Now Lifestyle is one of the top recommended services.  From it's 50,000 subscriber capacity at just $25 a month, great delivery rates, ease of use and 50% commission payouts it's a win-win choice.

It is also backed by a 20+ year company with a history in online technology and marketing software from hosting, to conference room solutions and much more.

Try it and Buy it

Right now you can try the Send Shark email autoresponder from Now Lifestyle for Free.  Yep, no credit card needed as you get a small trial account where you can set up your own email campaign for your website and start to create a follow up series as well as collect leads (approximately 10 leads for the sample so do not think you will be able to create a huge following, though if you are just starting out, by all means celebrate your leads!)

A couple facts about Send Shark:

Once you are live and up and running, you can email you list as often as you would like.  It is actually recommended that you email your list every day if you can, though at least 3-4 times per week.  The less you email, the less contact you make, the less your leads are going to remember you.  If someone decides they are getting too many emails from you and do not feel they are benefiting from them (or you are not providing good quality content) then they can just unsubscribe from the list.

Think about how many times you have gotten a random email from someone who just swiped your email from something else and sent you a normal email from their personal account or even worse sends you a BCC email.  The worst though is when you get an unsolicited email which contains multiple email address of other people they grabbed from random places.  Not only does this just look plain poor and unprofessional it is also basically illegal and against CAN/SPAM laws.  Don't be that person!

If you have not watched the two videos above, they go into more detail about the Send Shark email autoresponder from Now Lifestyle and give a back office view from the members area which you can try out for free by clicking the link below:

Try out the Send Shark Email Autoresponder from Now Lifestyle here

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  • May 29, 2018

    Remember with all the CAN/SPAM and GDPR rules with privacy popping up you need to have a system in store for people to be able to easily opt out of our message should they not want to keep receiving them and this comes automatic with an ‘unsubscribe’ option inside the Send Shark email autoresponder from Now Lifestyle.

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