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SendShark Email Autoresponder Member Area Overview

SendShark Email Autoresponder Member Area Overview

SendShark Email Autoresponder

The Sendshark email autoresponder is an easy to use system that anyone can use for any business to collect leads and be able to engage with their subscribers and customers.  With many training videos inside the member area and a 50,000 subscriber capacity, coupled with the lead capture page builder, the $25/month (or 35% reduced $197/year) cost is extremely competitive.

In this video I share an overview of the members area as seen when you are a Sendshark customer and are first logging in.  There are no campaigns or subscribers present as that is something you will have to create and go out and attract, respectively over time.  Creating your campaigns and autoresponder forms is a pretty simple process and you can capture things like a subscribers email address (which is the most important details to get) along with other items like their name, phone number, address or other details you might require for your services.

There are many training videos inside the member area to help understand how to go step by step using the Sendshark email autoresponder so be sure to watch each one as you attempt something new in the member area.

The capture page builder has drag and drop options and more training videos as well to help walk you through setting up your capture pages, or even your bridge/thank you page.

Both the SendShark email autoresponder and capture page builder are set up to be easy to use by a majority of the users.   There are some other functions that can be used and integrated by more experienced marketers, though in general this software will make your marketing much easier in the long run.

You can test it out for a full 30 days at 

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  • September 3, 2022

    Hey David! Yes I do use both TA and LL and you are correct about the annual for LL…TA has various prices depending on whether you are all in or also get some traffic packages or just do traffic by itself. I will also email you some more details but you can find out:

    1) More about List Leverage in my post here:
    2) More about Traffic Authority in my post here:

    Both are connected together and work off of each other so check your email as well!

  • David Jackson
    August 31, 2022

    Hello David , i am interested in the program “ListLeverage” (LL) do you use LL, it is i believe $400 a year and do you use David “Traffic Authority”?? (TA)

    Do you know the cost for use TA??? and LL????

    David Jackson

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