Snowstorm marketing and advertising results

It was meant to be today!

I had a pretty big solo ad purchase
that went out…Two actually over the
past two days each of 1000 clicks.

So the results are still coming in
and I have to see how my follow ups
play a role in my customer lifetime value
though here are some rough numbers
to show you what I am doing here in
my business

Solo Ad #1:

I had sent to one lead capture page and
collected about 40 leads out of 250 clicks
which is about a 16% opt in which did not
really make me happy, though a couple
did opt in and  signed up for the 30 day
trial of Pure Leverage so they can build
their subscriber list as well.

This can be some phenomenal future
residuals if they put the effort into their
business and keep growing their list.

As  I wanted to get a higher rate of opt in
I changed my link as I was using the
Pretty Link Lite plugin from WordPress
which allowed me to do that and be able
to get tracking information.

The next 750 or so clicks brought me in
227 opt ins so far, which brought my
% to about 30 percent which of course
is much better!  Again a few also opted
into my Pure leverage link.

So not only do I have a few in my Pure
Leverage leads list, though everyone
who opted in to my original page is now
on my subscriber list….

Just as you are reading this email, the
Pure Leverage tools suite has allowed me
to send you this email.

Grab your 30 day $1 trial here:

Solo Ad #2:

Today we had a snow day which means
I had the day off…If you forgot, or did
not remember or see it yet, I am a full
time high school science teacher and
actually drove to school, only to find out
we were operating on a 2 hour delay, only
to end up closing about 10 minutes later.

All of this after NOT notifying us before I
left for work , thus I never knew it was

This is just one of the reasons why I am
building my business online.

I do not like having to get up and go work
for someone else.

I want it to be for me and for my family and
on my own time!

Anyways…I again noticed very similar rates
as I started my solo ad, with about 10% opting
in until I changed it and it went up to almost

That is what I am excited for…In addition to
having about 80 people of 180 clicks actually
opting in, with 3 of those grabbing the 7 Day
trial at $7 of a totally different product I am
testing out

Two of those sales came through while I was
out shoveling the driveway and fighting with
out snowblower.

That is the power of marketing tools…Being
able to NOT be around and Still making
money and building a list.

Later, some of these leads and sales might
come in while I am having dinner with my
family, or better yet, sleeping!

That is the power of marketing tools.

Now it is your time.

It is your time to get moving with tools
as well that will help you grab those leads
so that you may also build your list.

When you can earn from sharing those
tools, it is like the icing on the cake.

Come test out the 30 day $1 trial for
Pure leverage here:

It is time to take action!

Consider this a holiday gift to YOU, regardless
of what one you follow.

$1 is nothing in the grand scheme of things
when others are paying thousands of dollars
to post ads in Yellow Books, Billboard and
newspapers that hardly anyone ever reads
all while not collecting leads.

Do not be a follower in that regards.

Be the leader

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