Peace Corps Solomon Islands Newsletter

Solomon Islands Peace Corps Newsletter

Solomon Islands Peace Corps Newsletter

Every now and again I like to reflect back on what I was doing 'X' number of years ago.  With the onset of the Corona Virus and COVID 19 along with shutdowns and quarantines, I have even more time on my hands to be able to reflect.

Today I wondered what it was I was doing exactly 20 years ago...Now most people can not remember exactly what they did yesterday, last week, last month or last year for this matter, though one little thing I have going for myself in this case is that I wrote a lot when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Solomon Islands from November 1998-June 2000.

I filled up a few journals and sent a ton of letters home as well as some emails now and again when I could make it to the capital of Honiara, on Guadalcanal, though the service was not always great and we had limited time to get on with many volunteers in and out of the office.

So today I picked up my journal and while I wrote almost every day, there were some gaps when I traveled or was busy with projects I might go a few days without writing (though I would always put in a summary of what had happened over those days).

During the of March 23-30 I made the trip to the Honiara to not only pick up some supplies, though to also help put together the March 2000 issue of "The Centipede" as part of the Iumi Nius (think "You-me News") staff.

It surprised myself when I had read that it was the first time I had actually spoken with my brother in about 15 months, my dad in 9 months and was not able to speak to my mother due to some phone issue at the time, though we would get emails quarterly and letters a little more frequently though nothing was ever consistent in the Happy Isles.

So while you are sitting in quarantine and thinking about the next thing you can do to kill some time, why not take a trip down memory lane and re-visit the Iumi Nius...While they are claiming Chloroquine is being used to help combat COVID 19, I also think back to Sunday night vivid dreams of Mefloquine.

It also breaks my heart to think of the thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers who were forced to leave their sites and head to the United States for an un-determined period of time.  While I appreciate the protection of their health and safety part of me wonders if they would have been safer staying in their remote locations and not coming through major hubs and cities to fly home and risk being infected.  I only hope for a quick return for those helping to do great things around the world.

You can enjoy the March 2000 Issue here along with some pictures of those of us who were putting it all together!

My Peace Corps Experience Highlight Video

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