Sorry, I got Covid

Sorry, I got Covid

Sorry, I got Covid

I tested positive for Covid last I have been a little radio silent for a while.

Here are some facts and this is in no way meant to be a political post or illicit what you should or should not do, I am just giving you my own personal deets:

I was vaccinated with the Pfizer shot in Feb/March 2021 and have been working my best to live a healthy overall lifestyle.

I wore a mask each day around my students though this summer with things opening up I have only worn one if/when I was requested by an office...Usually a doctors office.

I was feeling fine Friday night August 13 and woke Saturday August 14th with a slight stuffy nose and and itchy cough once in a while...totally thinking it was from too much fun at the brewery the previous night along with an 8 mile hike the day before that through the woods and thus allergies.

We have had a ton of rain in the North east so allergies are crazy this year.

By Saturday night when I was trying to sleep it was chills, sweats and a burning in the chest when I sneezed.

Sunday August 15, was more of the same if not worse so I decided to get an at home test for Covid from Rite Aid and within seconds it popped up positive...Damn!...So I redid it and took a second test with the same results.

I figured I should get an official test and went to the Well Now Urgent care down the road from me and waited for over 2 hours in my car to get a test done...They said I had a slight fever of about 99, though again I was in a warm car for 2 hours.

Officially I got my results on Monday that I had tested positive.

Three strikes and I'm out!

Since Saturday evening though I have been self isolating (with the exception of the Urgent Care visit) and feeling like I am in the movie groundhogs day!

It really is the same stuff different day right now as I try to entertain myself and keep my sanity from home.

Fortunately I have not gotten worse and the symptoms have basically amounted to an annoying cold, though I am doing my part to keep the virus at bay, even though I may have exposed some people before I even knew I was a carrier of the Covid virus.

Do I have mild symptoms because I was vaccinated?

Or is it because I try to live a healthy live over?

I really don't know and am not going to say this or that, though it is what I feel is the reason behind this.

I know people are struggling much worse who get the virus...while some are asymptomatic and might not ever even know.

What I do know is that regardless of what happened I was able to take a week off so far (still a few more days of isolation to carry out) and on the back end I had leads and sales coming in on the various things I promote and am connected to.

That is true automation and the power of an email autoresponder and paid traffic...or even unpaid organic traffic from my blog, YouTube, Social media and more.

While it might seem set it and forget it, it truly is not as I continue to add to it and keep it relevant...but you do not need to try and be everything to everyone.  You can focus on ONE location and rock it, then evolve and expand when you feel more comfortable on another one.

The key in the process is to build your list to keep the system running (and obviously stay healthy to enjoy the fruits of your labor)

1) Get set up with a Multi-stream system to build your list, train you and get the right traffic

2) Get in the best shape of your life with top coaches

Let's do this!

PS If you also want to get into the Crypto Game...Come check this out as well to mine from your own home!

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