Memory Place and Got Backup BOGO Offer

Super Saturday Bogo Offer

Super Saturday Bogo Offer

Super Saturday BOGO! Anyone with a computer or phone needs this!

Are you proactive or reactive?

Like do you try to do things before to stay on top of it instead of having to struggle to fix something later (or even lose it?)

This could relate to business, health, relationships and just about anything!

Today I want to help you on the emotional end of things with saving (or creating) all of your photos, videos, music and documents.

I know I have been quite pissed off when a hard drive crashed or I lost some files over the years and at the same time there might be some photos I have never seen of me that others might have and want to easily share with me.

That is where the Super Saturday BOGO offer comes in...Price is increasing tomorrow so get in yourself now here and try it out for a full 30 days:

You not only get one amazing new software called Memory Place where anyone can upload pictures and videos in one event to be shared by all...

You also get a complete cloud back up system for you and up to 5 devices for your family to share and protect all of your digital content.

Right now for the price of the annual Memory Place offer you can also get 'Got Backup' inlcuded as well as a bonus product when you use the link above.

We never know when that device might have something spilled on it, crash or break, so it's better to be proactive in this case and not have to stress about the worry involved should that situation happen to you or your family.

Let's do this!

PS To sweeten the pot I am including a vacation stay voucher for you when you join through this link:

Just leave a comment on this post with your username or email me at DaveGardner @ TheDavidGardner [dot]com (or if you are already sponsored by me then let me know you upgraded and we will get the ball rolling on this!)

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