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Practical business solutions

5 Practices to Streamline Your Business Operations

Want your business to run smoothly? Follow these 5 simple practices to get your business running the right way.
Automation for your business

How Automation Will Boost Your Business

Having systems in place can save time, money and even employees from leaving you. Learn how you can automate some key things in…
Automate your business processes

Automate These 7 Business Processes For Increased Efficiency

When business becomes busy work it is time to make sure you have these 7 processes automated to make things streamlined for your…
Just Do It and Take Action

Just Flipping Do it

Taking action is the only way to get things done, though having a system in place will also let you enjoy life as well in the process.

This is Killing Me

Being a teacher and entrepreneur in the pandemic has been crazy as I feel like a new teacher all over again creating new content,…