Using the right remote tools can help your business during COVID 19 and beyond

Tech Your Remote Business Should Be Using

Tech Your Remote Business Should Be Using

The 2020 pandemic has seen businesses have to change the way that they operate drastically. Countless measures are being taken to minimise the speed at which coronavirus and Covid-19 are spreading across the world and many countries are encouraging businesses to operate on a remote basis wherever possible. If your business is now operating remotely to help yourself, your employees, your customers and the population in general, you really should be using certain types of tech to minimize risks of cyber attack while you do so. The options outlined below are just a few different examples!

The Cloud

No matter what your business sells, chances are you take all sorts of data in the process. You need to track orders, stock, customer details and more. You’re also going to need a place to save all of this data that relevant staff members can access easily from their remote locations. The best option right now tends to be cloud solutions monitored by companies like eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc. The Cloud may sound complex but, really, it is just a group of servers that you can access via the internet. Here, you can store data and applications safely. You only need to pay for as much space as you’re using up and can easily scale up or scale down as your business’ size changes. It’s cheap, cost effecftive and can be accessed from any approved device or user!


If you haven’t heard of VoIP before, it is “Voice over Internet Protocol”, or a type of phone system that connects calls using the internet. Implementing this into your business can let your employees make any of the calls they need to make over their laptops, computers or other devices that they are using in remote locations. This resolves the need for a phone without your employees having to come into the office to use a business landline. VoIP also tends to prove much more cost effective when staff are making international calls.


VPN stands for “virtual private network”. Rather than having your staff connect to their own networks, which can be unsecure and an easy access route for cyber criminals, they can connect to your business’ own network. This will help to prevent cybercriminals from stealing, corrupting or deleting data and sensitive information from your systems. Don’t be fooled into thinking that cyber criminals only target the big companies and corporations. Smaller businesses are often more appealing targets, as cybercriminals know that they are less likely to have VPNs.

Of course, there are other pieces of tech that you might want to consider using too. But those listed above are likely to be the most useful for you while you’re working on a remote basis! So, consider them and give them a go! Your business requires as much protection as possible during these hard times and the tech listed above can really help to provide this!

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