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Testimonial Generator Bonus

Testimonial Generator Bonus

Testimonials are something that create TRUST when it comes to one person reviewing another persons product or services.  If you have legitimate customer testimonials and reviews on your website or literature you are likely to increase your overall sales as people love to know what others think of what you can provide for them.

These can be handwritten, typed, text messages, audio recordings and video to name a few.

Without a doubt, video testimonials take the cake when it comes to showing the true energy of the person doing the review and even potentially the product itself.

Too often a text or written testimonial may not come over as truthful as there are things on the internet known as trolls that just like to leave comments or reviews and stir up  trouble.

Not to say someone's text message and letter could not be sincere though they can be totally made up and falsified very easy.

Video on the other hand can also be scripted but it is less likely to happen.

The problem with video testimonials

Using videos in your sales letters or on your sales pages is huge when it comes to developing customer and client trust though too often when you attempt to get a video testimonial from someone it takes time...sometimes an extensive amount of time.  Like weeks.

Follow up, getting confirmation, then waiting again...all the while your site does not get the added testimonial you wanted.

When it does come it usually is in the form of a YouTube link or better a google doc link that you can potentially download the video and then upload into your own servers or edit with a software like Camtasia.  These of course are all extra steps to the process and every extra step needed to get something from a client or customer usually results in a decrease in the chances you will get that from them.

Until now...

Testimonial Generator Makes it Stupid Simple

Right now there is a new product on the market that will make getting customer testimonials almost stupid simple and it is called Testimonial Generator

Testimonial Generator

Testimonial Generator is an automated web based software that will:

  1. Easily collect your customer testimonial through their smart phone or computer
  2. Instantly add the testimonial to YOUR private account for easy access to download/embed
  3. Host your videos AD free

Right now you can quickly test out and try Testimonial Generator for free at

You can also watch this review video I did of the software as well which shows inside the members area and how well it works:

Testimonial Generator Bonus

When you try out and see the power of Testimonial Generator you will want to get yourself an upgraded membership to the software as well and be able to start collecting more testimonials from your customers (the trial is limited to only a small number of testimonials to experience the ease of use).

When you do that I am going to help you out with some nice bonuses and to be up front with you, some incentive to take the step and upgrade.  You see, I am an affiliate of Testimonial Generator and every time some purchase the product through the links on this page, I will get a commission on that sale (and when you join you automatically qualify to become an affiliate as well and can share the software with other businesses and interested parties).

BONUS #1: Lifetime Coaching from the Master Trainer (Value Priceless)

When you join AND UPGRADE TO PAID STATUS with my link here>> you will become part of my affiliate team network and I will help you...heck I am the one who has created most of the training videos in the members area and will also help you strategize how to best get your testimonials from your clients and customers.Testimonial Generator Master Trainer Dave Gardner

BONUS #2: A Vacation Stay (Value up to $1497)

I will hook you up with a vacation resort stay (You  will be responsible to cover travel, resort and country taxes/food and entertainment while there though) at one of over 50 Destinations around the world and the United States. 

Free Vacation of Your Choice

BONUS #3: The $2 Dollar Secret (Value $97)

I will personally mail you a physical copy of my book, "The $2 Dollar Secret" with the #1 Strategy that the will bring business back with your returned customers that most major marketers or "gurus" won't share with you!  This book also includes 13 Lucky strategies to follow to grow your business, recommended software and systems to use and a journal to track your progress with some of the top motivational quotes of all times.

The $2 Dollar Secret Free Marketing Book

How to Redeem Your Bonuses

After you join as a PAID UPGRADED member of Testimonial Generator Please READ over this document on how to choose your vacation stay...In this document you will also find my email and phone number that you can use to contact me about the vacation stay AND share with me your physical address needed for me to ship your physical copy of the $2 Dollar Secret Book.

I look forward to helping you grow your testimonial collection from your awesome customers and building your business!

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