The 50th Law by 50 Cent-Removing fear and moving forward

I recently finished “The 50th Law” by none other

than former Drug Hustler 50 Cent with Robert Greene.


Normally I would never even consider reading a book

about some random musician who was almost Killed by

nine bullets, but as this was recommened to me by

a couple of my online mentors (Russell Brunson and

Deagen Smith) I knew I should check it out.


The issue I got even has bling to it…Golf Leaf printing

on faux leather cover and gold trim on each page as well

with an attached ribbon/place holder.


Definitely hustler style.


The book though focuses on a major thing to remove

from your attempts to grow your business..>FEAR


If you remove your fears you will see that you start

to grow.


Instead of just focusing on the lifes and times of

50 Cent, the book also delves as much into the lives

of other notable historians like JFK, Frederick Douglas

Abraham Lincoln, Malcom X and many others.


It shows what they did to overcome their adversity

or fears in order to become a leader in their particular



Right now you can pick it up for less than $10 on the

amazon Kindle network (or read it on your computer)

which I would highly suggest as you can always learn

something new or relearn something as well when you



It is a pretty straight forward read and will make you think

how you can put your fears aside and start taking action

and staying a couple steps ahead of everyone else.


To overcoming all your fears,

Dave Gardner


PS If you took part in the

12 days of Marketing course, you know that reading is one

of the major areas I suggest to spend some time doing

each day…You can still get that report if you missed it

last time!

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