The Attraction Marketing Formula from Elite Marketing Pro and Ferny Ceballos

The Attraction Marketing Formula from Elite Marketing Pro and Ferny Ceballos

Attraction Marketing Formula

I have been a member of the Elite Marketing Pro system for a couple years now and just heard some bad news, though it was followed by some awesome news.

The EMP system use to also host and be able to promote the legendary Magnetic Sponsoring course by Mike Dillard, though we learned last week that we will no longer be able to promote that course through this medium….though I will still be able to through other avenues.

This came as a surprise to me at first, and I was somewhat disappointed until I started looking over the new Attraction Marketing Formula, written by Ferny Ceballos.

With a 10 day bootcamp series and a full 185 page or so book, EMP has come through with a comparable product that has updated content in it for current marketing trends.

Now just like some other marketing products, one of the goals of the Attraction Marketing Formula is to get you to also promote the Attraction Marketing Formula…which if course is smart marketing on their part to spread the book and it teaches you what it possible if you set your own products up correctly.  Pretty soon if you follow what you read here, you could simply implement that into your own product funnel and have people promoting your product as well.

The 10 day boot camp is free to dive into while the course itself has opened up at the $27 level at least for the beginning launch in October 2014.  I do not make any guarantees that the price will remain the same after this point, so if you want to pick it up early and take advantage of the 30 day guarantee, then come grab your Attraction Marketing Formula here now!

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