The end of the web

Just read an interesting report about the death of the web.

Think about the changes you have seen occur online since you first started using it. Email, interent/web pages, apps etc. Just like every other event following cycles, when will it crash. Places like Amazon rule online just like Wal mart and home Depot rule in the brick and mortor world.

If you can stay ahead of the cycle you can survive. For example, how many of you use smarphones and download/buy apps? This is one of the latest trends to occur that is nocking off websites. I am actually putting one together right now for my Basic Lacrosse website to stay ahead of the curve, so to speak.

So if you have a few minutes today, Ryan Deiss just released a short report this morning, August 1, 2011 on the end of the web that I suggest checking out whether you are in business or not. You can get it here:

Make sure you leave a comment so I know what you think about the whole situation

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