The importance of having a vision in your business

The importance of having a vision in your business

If you are looking to develop your business or have growth in some new task you have recently taken on, it is important to have a vision of not only what the outcome will look like, but also the methods and means you are going to emplore to get there.

It might not be good enough to just say you have a vision of having a house that is paid off.  Instead you need to be specific to mention exactly what that house is going to look like.

Does if have a wooden door, or a prefabricated plastic one?

Do the windows have internal blinds, or are you going to have them totally clear.

The more specific you can be in your vision, the clearer your path will be in order to achieve it.

If you are looking to build a business that remains your own compared to having multiple employees, or virtual ones for that matter, you need to be able to manage your time in addition the expenses required to do this.

Items that should be considered to get you on the right path to your ideal business might include you coming up with an overview of what your ideal day might look like.

If you can visualize what you would be doing from the time you get up until the time you wen to bed again, you are going to become more focused on having that daily experience happen in reality.

Now keep in mind even in the ideal situation there will always be bumps in the road so the more flexible you are and willing to get back up with failure, the more likely you are to reach that vision of the successful life you want to lead.

People and businesses who lack a vision may continue to make sales and seem successful, though they migth not ever grow beyond the scope of what is a possibility.  Instead of being a million dollar a month company, perhaps they only are making 50 thousand dollars.

I know many people would love to make 50 grand a month, though with the proper vision and taking action, or implementing specific tasks, this can be scaled over time.

Everyone has a different vision and if you are working with a team, it is important to come up with a vision that best suites the needs and desires of all parties involved.

Be confident in what you want and visualize yourself while keeping an abundance mindset.  You can always revise as you act and new challenges come your way, though the more you focus on what you had planned from the beginning, the more likely you are to acheive it.

Be determined and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish for you and your business.

Dave Gardner

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