The LAR Leaders are Readers challenge

LAR stands for Readers are Leaders, or Leaders are Readers.

I hope you are part of this group as there is so much you can pick up from reading.

I'm not just talking about romance or Vampire novels here...

...I am talking about stuff that gets you moving forward in you business and goals growth.

Whether its a physical book, ebook, or audio Book (I'll share more about attending DTU in an upcoming email) as long as you keep putting good content in your mind you will keep coming up with great ideas to grow with.

Now, do not think you have to do everything, though you have to do SOMETHING!

You have to take action on what you learn.

By sharing it with others you alone become the leader and more knowledgeable than the average person who is not 
reading, but is still looking for someone to show them the way.

One book (actually there are two in the series) that I highly recommend for any business owner is by my friend Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Black Box Reveal

I can truly consider him a friend as I had the opportunity to hang out with him in Kenya for about 10 days as he took me there on a trip back in 2012 when I won his contest in the Dot Com Secrets X Course which you can see here at my other blog at

Russell Brunson and Dave Gardner in Kenya

He has an immense amount of knowledge that he has gained over the years and he breaks it all down in his books which you can get for nothing (he just asks you cover s/h)

The foundational pieces in this book are things you can use in any niche and can come back to over and over when you need a refresher.

So your challenge today is be a reader and pick up DCS today!

Let's do this!

Here is that link again so you do not need to scroll back up

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